Quality & Environment

Continuous improvement and satisfied customers

In our view, quality is much more than a concept, or set of standards and certifications: it truly is a culture. At Acaplast Group, that culture is grounded in understanding our clients’ needs, and on the pragmatism of our teams. In other words, our culture of quality is fundamental to the ongoing success of the Group.

Our adaptability and responsiveness translates into client satisfaction, and this is not accident. Client satisfaction is the guiding principle behind the ongoing process of continuous improvement that is the very core of our business culture

Quality assurance tools

Culture combined with tools

Our approach to quality takes into account the diversified production at all seven of our sites. We see diversity as a strength because it enables the Acaplast Group to respond to a broad range of requests. It involves a high degree of precision in terms of defining the result to be achieved. In order to do this, we combine the intelligence of our teams with the judicious and effective use of a number of tools:
• quality or environmental management tools used at the senior management level;
• our culture of quality that is embraced and shared at all levels of the business;
• best practices that are shared and integrated by the Group.

Our commitment

Analysis, responsibility and commitment

The Acaplast Group’s culture of quality also translates into commitments to our clients. It is grounded in the practical components and tools that we apply, based on a variety of company processes:
• needs-analysis matrix is applied to each project;
• teams that are involved and accountable;
• a research plan or “knowledge matrix” is applied for quality purposes;
• work is always undertaken from a perspective of long-term sustainability.


Values and responsibility

Respect for our values doesn’t stop when we step outside our facilities; our responsibility extends beyond our own employees. It also extends to the communities where we do business.

Our production facilities are located in areas where there is little industrial development, and we feel that we have a moral obligation to respect the human and natural environments where we have a presence.

We therefore have a duty to limit, as much as possible, the environmental impacts that our business can generate. We adopted this approach when we first started out in this business. It has now been formalized by way of ISO 14001 certification at some of our facilities.

Please have a look at the quality certifications obtained by businesses in the Acaplast Group.


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