Automotive and Transport

Rubber automotive products

The Automotive Industry: Acaplast Group embraces technical challenges

Energy, security, comfort and performance: the automotive industry is constantly changing and reinventing itself. This kind of dynamic goes hand in hand with stringent requirements in terms of development, production, and logistics.

Our approach to the market is based on in-depth knowledge of different functions such as fluid transfer, watertight and airtight seals, and acoustics. This allows us to adapt in a rapidly changing market. Acaplast Group has the know-how to provide you with functional solutions that fit your applications.

Acaplast Group’s experience in the automotive industry has enabled us to establish solid relationships with car manufacturers and automotive equipment suppliers.

Plastic automotive products

Transport: responsiveness counts!

The heavy vehicle, public transportation, and light-duty truck markets feature the requirements of the automotive market, and the constraints of small and medium-sized runs. The Acaplast Group adapts its experience, production facilities, and level of flexibility to meet your requirements.

Our teams are responsive and adaptable; this enables them to apply their proven expertise to delivering personalized services.


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