Custom Rubber Mixing that’s Made in France

Acaplast Group specializes in providing custom mixing solutions to fit your requirements.

From formulation to compounding, our teams have the expertise to meet the needs of our customers. They formulate and produce the mixes (natural, synthetic or special) that you require to complete your project.

Research and Development

From molecule to mix

Our compounding team have the rubber- mixing experience and applied knowledge to:
• take into account your technical specifications and production methods when developing high-performance mixes;
• comply with legislative, environmental and normative restrictions relative to specific formulas;
• develop mix prototypes to qualify and validate the key features of the formulas;
• reduction of down time between formulation and mass production, given the proximity of the laboratory and the processing facilities.

Our chemists are happy to provide you with advice and practical answers.


Technology and logistics

Our teams are production experts; this allows them to manage the production of a variety of mixes in a responsive manner:
• mixing rooms sized to fit custom mixes business requirements
• traceability and control procedures;
• diversified presentation of mixes as appropriate for your applications (bases, strips, slabs, sheets or granules).

Acaplast Group has developed an effective logistics chain to ensure the processability of your mixes around the world


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