A broad range of expertise to satisfy your requirements

Acaplast Group’s expertise focuses on two technologies: injection and extrusion.

Our teams put their expertise to use to create and develop parts with high-performance workflows:
• materials expertise;
• tool expertise;
• process expertise.


From developement to industrialization

Our approach to your projects is based on forming dedicated teams, from design to mass production:
• dedicated and responsive contact people;
• knowledge that is specific to our clients’ business activities;
• optimized cycle of research and development;
• coherent value chain with a network of international suppliers;
• expertise invalidation and testing method managment

Our teams of industrial experts guarantee the quality and reliability of our products:
• expertise that covers injection precision to large-scale production;
• implementation of workflows that include finalization.

Our Commitment

Reliability and Responsiveness

Our team’s involvement enables us to offer personalized and effective “extended” customer service:
• worldwide logistics management that translates into increased customer satisfaction;
• custom management, reliability, and responsiveness.

Acaplast also provides niche market thermoplastic extrusion for small and medium runs.


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