Assembly systems

Our capabilities

In response to the increasing complexity of logistics flows and the need to reduce costs, Acaplast Group offers its clients assembly and integration solutions for assemblies, and subassemblies. This formula reduces the variety of parts and minimizes shipping volumes. We also integrate multidisciplinary solutions that result in assemblies, and subassemblies that are better integrated, more competitive, and optimize supplier lists.
We also assemble parts that have been manufactured internally, and those that require complex logistics, such as electronic parts.
From subassembly to the completed part, Acaplast Group meets the needs of its clients in terms of limiting the number of suppliers and outsourcing non-strategic parts.

Our commitments

Acaplast Group offers our clients a broad scope of expertise, competencies, and processes that enable us to assemble one or more technologies in order to meet their needs in a responsive fashion:

• Assembly of internally-manufactured parts;
• High-efficiency packaging units;
• Grey rooms and clean rooms;
• Deadline management: procurement is done through our suppliers, or we seek out the best resources and most highly-qualified subcontractors in the world. We manage the logistics flow for you.


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