Acaplast Group is your rubber, silicone and liquid silicone partner

The rubber, silicone and liquid silicone specialists at Acaplast Group support you for all your projects.

Our expertise is grounded in knowledge of the materials and competence in processing methods. Our manufacturing processes are:
• injection;
• compression;
• calendered sheeting and assembly;
• metal/rubber adhesion.

We adjust the capacity at our production facilities to meet your requirements and market needs.


Technical sophistication and expertise: a win-win combination

Coordinating industrial expertise, and respect for the rubber trade are the cornerstones of the business culture at Acaplast Group.

Our teams are able to adapt to the constraints of your projects, including highly technical constraints, by way of using a variety of tools:
• project management;
• development capacity;
• testing methods;
• compliance with logistics specifications.

Experience and technical sophistication are key features of our teams. They deliver personalized services by collaborating with your teams; in that way, Acaplast Group includes your project needs in all its processes.


Acaplast Group, your professional partner

The human scale of the Acaplast Group combined with our culture of efficiency enables us to mobilize our resources to provide you with practical solutions.

Our business culture is reflected in the values that motivate our teams:
• solutions that are tailored to meet your needs;
• commitment to quality;
• compliance with specifications;
• responsiveness.

Acaplast Group deploys its competencies and adapts its method and procedures to fit your needs. We set the bar high to guarantee the functionality and industrialization of the parts or sets of parts that enable you to complete your projects.


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