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The story of the Acaplast Group involves over fifty years of history and ongoing development as rubber and plastics specialists.
Our growth has always been guided by two key values: industrial performance and family.

Respecting those values is the DNA of our business: an industrial group at a human scale.

It all started back in 1958, when Jacques Choukroun started a crepe recovery business. Well versed in the various properties and uses of rubber, the entrepreneur developed a strong affinity for the material, and a culture of rubber making was born.

Founded as a small business in the Paris area, Acaplast remained true to its industrial size when it set up its production facility in Bénévent.

Acaplast then implemented a development strategy based on diversifying its business and external takeovers. As of 2009, the holding company Acaplast Group provides the unifying and organizational structure for all of its business activities.




1 Group, 7 sites: autonomy, synergy and commitment

Today, Acaplast Group conducts business at 7 production sites in France and Tunisia. Each unit is autonomous, but also benefits from the interactive dynamics of a Group at a human scale.

The Acaplast Group is a highly innovative family-owned industrial group. This is reflected in its manufacturing methods, management processes, and approach to customer service at each of our units.

This aspect of our business is backed by our unflinching respect for commitments; this enables us to integrate our clients’ plans and position ourselves to be prepared for the future.

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